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your greatest challenge can be your greatest gift!

Updated: Feb 13

I've had many challenges in my life, being homeless as a teen, helping a sick mom, working 3 jobs to make ends meet, having children & raising them as a single mom & more. In the moment these things happened it was a great challenge & gift! Why's that do you say.....because it showed me how strong I am, that I can make it through anything!

There are other challenges that most would not see as a challenge that I also dealt with such as learning to be vulnerable, crying, accepting help, asking for help, learning who I am & more. These are challenges because I fought it for so long & I have now allowed myself to experience them without ridicule, judgment or acting like it didn't exist.

There's also the challenge of not allowing someone to make me feel a certain way for the way I feel, act, respond, etc. because that means I gave my power to them by allowing them to make me feel anyway and I have no intention of allowing anyone to make me feel a way without me giving them that permission.

Even receiving things, accepting the good things in life can be a great challenge simply because it is taken for granted, no appreciation for the good happening, so the challenge is to acknowledge it, appreciate it, receive it with gratitude.

Liking yourself, in all ways good, bad, indifferent, being authentic to who you are, showing yourself appreciation, acknowledgement, accepting yourself, flaws & all, is a great challenge and the greatest gift you can give yourself!

There are so many different challenges we all go through, it's up to you in the way it's viewed, I choose to see mine as a gift! I've learned so much about myself through these challenges, what I like, don't like, what I will accept & not accept, that I am more powerful with the right support system then on my own, I am not weak, to nice, I am exactly who I am meant to be with all I have been challenged with.

So, what's your greatest challenge? How do you choose to see it? You have a choice in the way you receive that challenge, blame others, take responsibility for your part, move forward or stay stuck?!

Much Love Family, You're a Legend, You're not alone!

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