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Taking responsibility for you, you're not responsible for others actions!!!

So many times in life we take on the responsibility of others, the things they do, say, etc when in actuality we need taking responsibility for what we do, good, bad, indifferent!

What others do in the decisions they make are not our responsibility, it does not save us, make us happy, sad, angry, etc and if it does make you feel this way, that's fine you have the right to feel this way! Let me ask you, why are you giving away your power, what is it about what they did or said that made you feel this way? Are you hearing others fears, gaslighting, manipulation, division, etc and taking it on as your own or is this really the way you feel???

This is where you dive deep into getting to know yourself in learning about you, taking responsibility for yourself and no longer putting that on others! No one outside of you can make you safe, happy, sad, angry, fearful, etc. unless you allow them to.

Taking responsibility for your actions, responses and forgiving and being compassionate with yourself is important in getting to know you! You become Consciously Empowered in who you are, by no longer taking on the responsibility of others and what they should or shouldn't do because if you're diving deep, taking care of yourself, knowing yourself, staying in your power, what others do literally doesn't affect/effect you, because you already know you're safe, happy, healthy, whole, limitless!

Have an amazing day! Sending you so much love, compassion & kindness ❤🥰

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