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Self care, self love is needed for yourself, to be able to move Forward!!!

Self care, self love are things that is needed to have for yourself for you to be able to move forward and help others if you so choose! Your cup needs to be full before you can help others that includes family & friends. If they make you feel guilty, gaslight, manipulate, etc it's time to question whether this is in your best interest because anyone that truly cares for you will understand! If you're exhausted and say yes to something you really don't desire to do instead of resting, that's a disservice to you and them because whatever you agree to will not be done 100%, you'll be even more tired then you previously were while possibly also being resentful towards that person. IT'S OK TO SAY NO, TO REST, TAKE A BATH, WATCH A SHOW, GO FOR A WALK,'s not selfish, it's deserved, it sets a boundary and you take care of you! Next time you'll be able to actually help if you desire too because 1. You won't be harming yourself by overworking 2. Because you actually desire to 3. Your cup is full and your able to help!

You are deserving of taking care of yourself, not only for yourself but those around you! You literally can't take care of others if you can't take care of yourself! I've been there, I know, for me to be the best mom, friend, sister, daughter, etc I can be, I had to take care of me because no else can take care of me better then me, I know what need, how I feel, if I'm stressed, worried, happy, even just need someone to talk to. No one knows what you need more then you, we can guess what you need but only you can ask and receive for what you need to take care of you! That is Empowerment of the best kind, it's an equal give & take, recognizing your self worth is amazing!

Much love ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕 💘

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