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Remember who the fuck you are😘

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Trigger warning, you will cry, maybe🤔.

I was triggered big time! It's something I needed to move forward! Thank you for supporting me, helping me remember who I am, I love you!

I am meant to heal only those I come into contact with, whether here on IG, in person, on the phone, through messages, etc. Those who are meant to find me will & will receive the healing they need from me. I'm not meant for the whole world, yet😊

Part of getting to know yourself is to recognize the triggers that come up and literally figure out why they came up, by realizing this you heal yourself & the trigger happens less & less till it no longer is a trigger. It also happens for shorter periods like instead of consuming you for months it only happens for a day or 2 or a couple hours till you are healed completely and it no longer effects you that way.

There are many things happening in this now moment, being vulnerable, allowing yourself to go through the emotions is good because then you get to the point where you remember who the fuck you are, how strong you are!

Things don't come up to show you that you can't or that things aren't possible or that there is only one way things are going to happen...they come up so you remember what you believe and to see if you'll waiver in that belief and give up on it and yourself!

My intention is to not give up on my belief in who I am, what I am capable of, my strength & power in Me for I am limitless, all things are possible & miracles happen everyday for I remember who I am!!!

You must do the same, learn who you are, remember your strength & power, don't give up on you! Have compassion & allow yourself to feel it so you can heal it! Love yourself unconditionally, that is the only way you can love others unconditionally!

I am here to help guide & support you! Contact me for a consultation so you can continue this wonderful journey! Much Love🤍❤🌹🥰🙏

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