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Knowing who you are also means knowing what you believe in, with Religion or Spirituality!

Wow, I did this video yesterday and it just finished uploading tonight and it literally took me 6-7 times to record it due to continuous interruptions so it must be pretty important if I've been delayed with so many different things.

We've all grown up being told what we believe in this area, you have the right to evaluate whether it's what you actually believe or if you believe in something else. In no way am I saying what you believe is wrong or right, it's not my place to pass judgement, criticize or fight, what I am saying is that for you to know who you are it is necessary to look into yourself and know what you believe not what others have said you believe. This is part of being Consciously Empowered in who you are!

There are many tools to help you in releasing/clearing blockages within you, including people that you are guided to or that are guided to you to help with this! The #1 thing that helps you in releasing/clearing blockages is you and what you believe is your team that is within you that helps, guides & protects you & what you are willing to allow yourself to work on! Working on getting to know yourself never ends! You are strong, beautiful, magical, infinite, limitless being!

Have an awesome day! Sending you so much Unconditional Love, compassion & kindness!

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