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Why are you limiting yourself???

Don't you know you are limitless; that all things are possible????? Why do you think that you can only have, either or could be, when you can actually have "Both & More"!!!! Who told you, you can't have "Both & More", your parents, teachers, society, history????

Do you know what your potential is? Because you can do anything as long as you believe in who you are & what you can do! You don't need other peoples validation only your own, don't get me wrong it's nice to have the validation of others, use it as the cherry on top of you knowing who you are, what potential you have and that you are limitless because you believe & know yourself!

I myself didn't know my true potential or who I truly was, I also believed, to a point, that I could only have, either or could be! I believed that I was only worth that, that trying to go for Both and More was not in the cards for me. I was raised to believe I was only meant for one thing, caretaking, nothing else, I wasn't encouraged to be anything I wanted to be or to even think it was possible for me to be more then a caretaker. I didn't know my own worth or value in all I could do simply cause I was never told I could be. According to Psychology and society I shouldn't even be where I am at now because of the way I grew up. I have spent the last 21yrs finding out about myself, what I like, am capable of, coming into my Own identity. Trust me a lot of people think they know me cause that's what was projected onto me or what I used to put forward for people to see. I have grown to appreciate all of who I am, including that which others call the dark or shadow side. I wouldn't be who I am today without it or without all of the experiences I have had, that's what makes me, ME! I appreciate and am grateful for my life and all I have been through because I now know I can have Both & More, I am limitless in all I can do.

Getting to know yourself is so important, you can use what others have said or projected onto you as a guide to see if that is something that is actually a part of you, to know whether to keep it or throw it away. You don't just have to have this or that, you can literally have Both & More; It's not all or nothing! You have every right to create your OWN Identity and claim all you desire, Both & More!!! Know your worth and that you are enough

So, who are you??? What is it that you desire that leads to having Both & More? You are more then a student, Mom, Dad, sibling, daughter, son, worker, color, ethnicity, race, culture, age, etc. you are all of this plus more so why can't you have more, why can't you have both?! The moment you realize who you are, that you are unlimited, limitless, that all things are possible and you embrace all of you, is the moment you have "Both & More".

Don't give up on you, your potential! You are a magnificent Being! No longer allow others to tell you otherwise or to take your Both & More from you!!! Know your worth and that you are enough, anyone tells you otherwise, they literally are not worth having in your life!

I am here to guide & lead you in this journey of discovering who you are and desire to be! Contact me for a consultation to begin this journey or to continue it!

Much love Family!!! 💕😁😘✨🌹

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