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What's your self care routine?

Self care can be anything that makes you feel good! You can do a facial, take a bath, go for a walk/hike in your favorite spot, watch a funny movie/show, spend time with family or friends, allow yourself to cry and so much more....There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself because when you are satiated you are able to give and receive more. Take time for yourself by reading that book you've been desiring to read or play that video game you've been longing to play as long as you do something that is for you to help you feel at your best!

Some things I do ~ color, facials, deep conditioning treatment, spend time with my kids, watch something funny, listen to music, dance, put on perfume and so much more. I do this because I deserve it, I feel good, I can relax & I'm able to support others when I have taken care of myself!

So, tell me, what you do for self care or are going to start!? It's one step at a time, one thing you'll add or start that makes all the difference. This helps you to learn what you like and enjoy, what brings you happiness, grounding, calm, harmony, feeling good, etc!

You deserve to feel good and to fill your cup, what are you going to do to do that?

By chance you're already doing it don't forget to acknowledge yourself and the ways you are showing up for yourself especially if you didn't realize it!

Have an amazing day! Sending you much Love!

I'd love to hear what you do for self care or will start to do for self care🥰😉🤩🤔

Consultations are available!

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