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remember Why you started the journey of Self-discovery

The journey of getting to know yourself or know thyself is hard, I will not pretend that it is easy. Being able to accept all parts of you in this journey is very important in becoming and being Empowered. This is a one step at a time process and at times may feel as though you accomplished many things at once or that you've done nothing when in actuality you did so much and won't realize or recognize it until later. Don't forget why you started this journey or desire to start this journey of self-love, self-discovery, self-empowerment or whatever other term you desire to utilize in this now moment.....It is to Remember who you are! To learn and get to know you for you and not what society, friends, family, lovers, etc. have said you are because yeah you may be what they say, the best part about that though is you decided that you are that, that you are capable of that, etc and you accept yourself for that or make the changes needed to be the best version of that or let it go.....either way you choose, because in the end it is up to you who you are!

I am here to help, guide, support, lead, love you unconditionally in this wonderful journey of your Conscious Empowerment!

Sending you soul much love💝🥰💐

Consultations available!

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