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Part of learning who you are...are you looking for a Savior or Saving Yourself?

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

So many are living in fear "expecting" someone to save them instead of empowering themselves! They aren't looking for & seeing all sides of any story, casting judgment because they only know one side & feel its "right", discriminating against others when they themselves don't like to be judged or discriminated against! By waiting for a Savior people are limiting themselves when you are UNLIMITED!

Some are allowing fear to rule their life, instead of Saving themselves they continue to give their power to those they think are in power, when in actuality there's more of us 99%, then them 1%, which means we have the power, they don't!

We create the reality we desire! We make the changes with our own thoughts, you believe they have the power, you believe they save you, then that's what happens! You believe You're Empowered, there's more of us, that you can save yourself, help others do you same, no longer judging, discriminating or listening to one side, then that's what happens! You believe you are brave, courageous by fighting the fear that's being put out, actually seeing, recognizing the good around you, then that is what you see! You literally have a choice!!!! You always have choice no matter what anyone says, do you live in fear or Empowerment?!

The moment we, the 99%, come together, fight as a unit, no labels, discrimination, judgement, we use all of our uniqueness & gifts to support each other, WE ARE EMPOWERED, we take the power back!!! This is already happening, just cause the "media" other outlets aren't showing it, doesn't mean it's not happening, that's why they are making the fear bigger, to keep the 99% divided, thinking they're powerless, that a Saviors needed, when in actuality we are so strong, powerful and are Saving ourselves by being courageous, brave, no longer living in fear, no longer allowing them to manipulate & gaslight us!

Are you ready & willing to save yourself?!! I'm here to help, support, guide you, contact me for a consultation! Much love🌹🥰😘

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