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Listening & you do both or just one?

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

I'm pleased this came together has one! Listening & hearing makes so much sense yet a lot of people don't realize or recognize the difference, they think it's all the same in which it's not.

To be consciously empowered, it's important to do both and not just what it is that is desired to be heard and listened to. Listening & Hearing all sides, is imperative to how you as an individual make an empowered decision for yourself!

It's time for people to start listening! Everybody hears, not all listen! Listening helps you not just those around you! When you actually listen, you hear & feel a tone, frequency to help you know someone's true intentions yet so many people no longer do this! They are looking for a Savior when you have to save yourself, others can help guide & lead without manipulation, fear, control, etc. Unfortunately if you actually listen to what's being said there's fear, contradiction, irony, manipulation, segregation, discrimination, etc. all because a lot of people aren't listening, even to themselves! A true leader empowers you!

This is no time to judge yourself or others in any way, shape or form! This is a time to unite, listen! Listening & Hearing is so powerful when it's done together as an individual! What will it take for you to become consciously empowered by doing both? I'm here to help guide you to be able to become the Conscious Empowered Being that you already are, just don't know it yet! Message me for an appointment for a consultation!

No One has any power over you without your permission!!!!!

Sending you soooo much Love my beautiful family 👪 ❤ ♥ 🌹😘🌈🌻

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